Osciloscopio Hantek 2D72, 2 Canales, 3 en 1


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Product description

Oscilloscope  Functions:
Sample Rate Range: 250MSa/s(Single-channel), 125MSa/s(Dual-channel)
Waveform Interpolation: (sin x)/x
Record Length: Max. 6K for single-channel; 3K samples per dual-channel
SEC/DIV Range: 5ns/div~500s/div 1, 2, 5 sequence
A/D Converter: 8-bit resolution,each channel sampled simultaneously
VOLTS/DIV Range: 10mV/div~10V/divat input BNC
Bandwidth Limit, typical: 20MHz
Low Frequency Response (-3db): ≤10Hz at BNC
Rise Time at BNC, typical: ≤5ns
DC Gain Accuracy: ±3% for Normal or Average acquisition mode, 10V/div to 10mV/div
Note: Bandwidth reduced to 6MHz when using a 1X probe.
Acquisition Modes: Normal
Type: Edge
Mode: Auto, Normal, single
Level: ±4 divisions from center of screen
Trigger Level Accuracy: 0.2div X volts/div within ±4 divisions from center of screen
Slope: Rising, Falling, Rising & Falling
Source: CH1/CH2

Coupling: DC, AC or GND
Input Impedance,DC coupled: 25pF±3 pF, 1MΩ±2%
Probe Attenuation: 1X, 10X
Supported Probe Attenuation Factors: 1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X
Maximum Input Voltage: 150VRMS
CursorVoltage difference between cursors: △V; Time difference between cursors: △T
Automatic Measurements: Frequency, Amplitude
Arbitrary Waveform Generator Mode
Waveform Frequency: Sine: 1Hz~25MHz; Square: 1Hz~10MHz; Ramp: 1Hz~1MHz; EXP: 1Hz~5MHz
Sampling: 250MSa/s
Amplitude: 2.5Vpp(50Ω): 5Vpp(High impedance)
Frequency Resolution: 0.10%
Channel: 1CH waveform output
Waveform Depth: 512Sa
Vertical Resolution: 12 bit
Output Impedance: 50 Ω


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