Kit de Pinzas Saca Cupillas y Retenes (11 piezas con estuche)


Product Description


REMOVE CONNECTION CLIPS: Use the Snap Ring Plier Set to  remove snap ring (circlip) retaining rings on your lawn mower, tractor, shredder, farm equipment, truck, car, SUV, or other vehicle while performing brake pad removal and routine maintenance.


Material: Carbon steel

Feature:Rugged, prevents bending or breaking, has maximum strength and service life, and is rust and corrosion resistant.

Fitted with comfortable vinyl grips.


Snap Ring Pliers Set Package include:

5-1/2″ with 0.038″ (1mm) Bent Tip Pliers

5-1/2″ with 0.047″ (1.2mm) Bent Tip Pliers

6″ with 0.038″ (1mm) Straight Tip Pliers

6″ with 0.047″ (1.2mm) Straight Tip Pliers

7-1/2″ with 0.070″ (1.8mm) Bent Tip Pliers

7-1/2″ with 0.070″ (1.8mm) Bent Tip Pliers

8″ with 0.070″ (1.8mm) Straight Tip Pliers

9″ with 0.090″ (2.3mm) Straight Tip Pliers

1 Piece 5″ Hook Tool

1 Piece 5″ Pick Tool


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