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Product description

AUTOOL CT160 Fuel injector diagnostic and cleaning equipment is a mechatronics product that combines ultrasonic cleaning technology and microcomputer oil pressure closed-loop control cleaning and detection technology
This product simulates various operating conditions of the engine and cleans and inspects the fuel injectors of various automobiles and motorcycles
This equipment is the necessary and preferred equipment for the automobile and motorcycle repair and maintenance industry, research and teaching, and training departments.

Main Functions
☇Ultrasonic cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning can be performed on single or multiple injectors at the same time, which can remove the attachments and internal blockages on the injectors.
☇Uniformity detection: to detect the uniformity of the injection volume of each injector.
☇Atomization observation: Using the background light, you can observe the spray atomization situation of the nozzle in a comprehensive and careful manner.
☇Tightness test: It can detect the tightness and dripping of the fuel injector under high pressure.
☇Fuel injection volume detection: It can detect the fuel injection volume of the fuel injection nozzle under specific working conditions (such as the same time and the same number of times).

Package includes:
1pc* main unit
1pc*Refilling funnel
1pc* Ultrasonic leaning stand
1pc*Testing pad
2pc* Oil drain valve
1pc* Lock pole
1pc*Lock nut
4pc* Extended plug
4pc* Motorcycle top oil inlet connectorⅠφ10mm
4pc* Motorcycle top oil inlet connectorⅡφ11mm
4pc* Motorcycle top oil inlet connectorⅢφ10.6mm
4pc* Car top oil inlet connectorⅢφ10.6mm&13.4mm
3pc* Plug
1pc* Signal wire
4pc* Adapter cable
1pc* Oil rail
1pc* User manual


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