Punta Lógica con Inyector de Corriente


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1. Test for continuity
2. Test for polarity of a voltage
3. Check switches, relays and the on-off of diodes, fuses and circuits
4. Test for polarity of electric cables and plugs
5. Track and locate short circuits
6. Test for bad ground contacts

Operation Instrcution:

Unroll the unit’s cable
Clamp the red clip to the positive terminal of the vehicle’s battery
Clamp the black clip to the negative terminal of the vehicle’s battery


Operation voltage: 6-24V DC
Cable length: 16ft
Overload protection: 8A (When the current exceeds 8A, this item will disconnect the current automatically.)

Weight: 0.75lb

Package includes:

1pc x Plastic Package
1pc x Instruction Manual
1pc x Flexi extension cable
1pc x Crocodile clip
1pc x Wire probe
1pc x Back-probe


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